square inset cabinet vanity
beaded inset cabinet

9 Things To Know About Inset Face Frame Cabinets

  1. Inset cabinets are cabinets with the doors and drawer-fronts set into a frame, aka face-frame.  Think picture frame; doors and drawer-fronts are the paintings inside the frame.  This is what makes them look more like furniture than storage cabinets.
  2. Frames have horizontal and vertical parts.
  3. The horizontal parts are called rails and mid-rails.
  4. The vertical parts are called the stiles and mid-stiles.
  5. Inset cabinets are also known as flush inset cabinets because the face of the doors and drawer-fronts are flush with the face of the face-frames.
  6. We offer two face frame styles for inset cabinets.
  7. The first one we call a square inset face frame.  A square inset face frame cabinet has square edges on all of the edges of the face frame, including the inside edges of the frames that surround each door and drawer opening.  The long vanity seen in the top image on the left is a square inset face frame cabinet.
  8. The second we call a beaded inset cabinet.  A beaded inset cabinet has a 1/4″ bead detail around the inside edge of the face frame openings for each door and drawer-front.  The bottom image shows a beaded inset face frame cabinet.
  9. Both fit into the larger family of cabinets known as face frame cabinets.

By the way, the beads on our beaded inset face frames are actually part of the frame; they are not a molding which is then glued and nailed into place.  This is an important difference in quality that you will want to be looking for

A modern version of this is where we build plywood cabinets without a frame and then inset the doors and drawer-fronts into the opening of the cabinet cases, leaving the front edge of the plywood visible.  Photos coming soon…..

Nearly all of our projects are included inset cabinets as you will see in the gallery below.

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