Kitchens that have a timeless feel to them are often built with flush inset cabinets, the style of cabinetry that we’ve become known for. When the doors and drawer fronts are set into a frame so that their front face is flush with the frame, you’ve got flush inset cabinets.

While it is true that it is a traditional method of building cabinets it can also be used in very modern kitchens as well.

cottage kitchen

Timeless Vancouver, BC Kitchen

For this kitchen, our client chose flush inset cabinetry with a simple square inset frame and traditional exposed barrel hinges.

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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cottage kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets  – Maggie & Rory’s Cottage Kitchen

We love the simplicity of Maggie and Rory’s cottage kitchen!

Look for the freestanding furniture-like cabinets that function as the sink cabinet, the range side cabinets and the island.

Can’t see the dishwasher? It’s in the next cabinet to the left of the sink cabinet.

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

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white cottage kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – Collin & Selena’s White Cottage Kitchen

“We are absolutely thrilled with our Wesley Ellen designed and built kitchen!”

“We would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend Wesley Ellen to anyone that wants the ultimate in craftsman made custom cabinets!”

“When it came time to find a cabinet maker to build the kitchen in our extensively renovated sea-side cottage on Bowen Island, we wanted a true craftsman that was going to pay attention to every detail, and ensure that only the best quality materials and workmanship went into our cabinets.  From our first meeting with Ron and Marylyn, we knew we had found our perfect choice!”

“From the finely mitred crown moulding, flawlessly finished v-groove side panelling, furniture quality legs and frames, down to the dovetailed drawers and perfectly inset doors and hinges, we could not be any happier with the finished product.  Our guests have all commented on how perfectly the kitchen fits with the rest of the cottage.”

“We must commend Wesley Ellen for going above and beyond in meeting the challenges involved with this project, including working with the irregular angles of the the walls, ceilings and floors.  Not to mention access to our cliffside cottage down a steep 4×4 gravel road made getting the cabinets and equipment an extra challenge.  This also included delivering our awesome retro buttercup yellow Northstar fridge – a focal point of the kitchen!”

Selena and Collin, Homeowners

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Custom Inset Cabinets – Aaron & Jennie’s Traditional White Kitchen

We love this kitchen!  The clients focused on getting all the traditional detailing right in their new home, with great end results.

Look for traditional shaker style cabinets with beaded inset details, exposed barrel hinges and traditional cup pulls and knobs.  There is a generous apron-front sink, old school light fixtures and even painted v-joint ceiling details.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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gray beaded inset cabinets

Custom Inset Cabinets  – Anna & Tristan’s Custom Grey Kitchen

“Wesley Ellen helped us create our DREAM HOME!!

Our whole experience working with Ron and Marilyn, from the initial contact, through the design stage and right until the final installation, was exceptional.

They were very professional, understood what we were looking for and offered great expertise and beautiful workmanship.

They were amazing to work with and we absolutely LOVE our cabinets!!”

Anna & Tristan Paniak, LLoydminster, Alberta

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country style kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets  – Gerry & Debra’s French Country Style Kitchen

If you love white kitchens, you will love this one!

Its a modern take on a traditional kitchen with a French country twist.  A graceful 6 foot wide French curved hood fan is the focal point, with white inset cabinets around the perimeter.

The island is painted a two-tone milk paint; red below/blue on top.  A reclaimed wood island counter by Scott Landon Antiques gives the whole kitchen a casual feel.

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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country style kitchen

West Coast Gulf Island Kitchen

This kitchen has a very classic look!

Using our beaded flush-inset face frame style with polished nickel exposed barrel hinges it has a timeless, soothing feel

Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada

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beaded inset cabinets in timber frame home

Custom Inset Cabinets  – Ron & Marilyn’s Beaded Inset Kitchen

This timber frame home was previously the home of Wesley Ellen founders and used as our showroom.

The perimeter cabinets are all white beaded inset cabinets with exposed barrel hinges.  The island has a brush black milk-paint finish to give it an aged appearance.  The island counter-top is steamed beach.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

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vintage kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – Vintage Kitchen Make-Over

“My husband’s family gave us those vintage 1950’s table and recently refurbished chairs that we cherish, and we wanted to match them with a new designed kitchen that would go with the space.

We looked around for a while and chose Wesley Ellen Design & Millwork because what we saw on their website at the time and what we experienced during our first interview with them convinced us that they had the skills and the tools to make what we dreamt of within the limits of our budget.

Our kitchen, as our house, is simple but it fulfills our needs. Both Ron and Marilyn were very helpful in advising us, supporting our ideas, perfecting our plans as well as answering our questions and solving little issues afterwards. They could also supply the stove and fridge that I never thought even existed. These appliances reminded me of the ones we had where I grew up in Montreal. Nothing is totally perfect in our world we live in but our kitchen is for us a little haven of peace where we can cook, eat and spend time socializing with family and friends in an authentic handmade décor with the smell of fresh wood when we open the doors and drawers of the cupboards. We are very grateful to Ron and Marilyn for that!”

Hélène Roy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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beaded inset kitchen cabinets

Custom Inset Cabinets – Alisoun’s Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinets in Douglas Fir

“Everyone loves our kitchen, but none more than my husband and I love it.  We love cooking in the kitchen, everyone does, but we also just like looking at it, the warmth of the colors and the wonderment of well made cabinetry and woodwork.

Wesley Ellen Design and Millwork (WEDM) designed and built the cabinetry for our kitchen.  The cabinetry is exquisite, well constructed, beautifully detailed and meticulously measured to ensure a perfect, seamless, fit with the appliances and counters.  We used two different woods, douglas fir and beechwood that was stained perfectly to our specifications.  We used a local high-end trim shop to install the cabinetry.  They have done hundreds of kitchen installs and yet they said to me “ you got your money’s worth as these are the best built cabinets we have ever installed”.   I had looked at several showrooms for cabinetry but something was just off with the cabinets.  They did not seem well made, but factory made even though they were described as ‘custom’ and with ‘custom’ prices.  With WEDM my contractor and I dealt with the owner, Ron Issak, not a poorly trained salesman.  Perhaps that is why there were no issues on the install, no mismeasurements, no missed items, which led no delays on the install.   He even delivered the cabinets himself.  And, the price I paid for the cabinets was less than the ‘custom’ showroom cabinets.  We have no custom cabinet makers in Annapolis,  and most contractors have their preferred re-sellers.  I was lucky to find WEDM through HOUZZ – I loved the work, he quality and end result.  If you want great value and beautiful craftmanship, I highly recommend WEDM.”

Alisoun Moore, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

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heritage apartment kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – 105 yr old English Bay, Vancouver Kitchen Make-Over

You have to appreciate the location, the history and the architecture of this incredible 105 year old Vancouver apartment building.

The Vancouver Heritage Building plaque on Kensington Place reads:

“This stately and unique apartment building has graced English Bay since 1912.  With it’s Spanish and Italian influence, it is a fine example of a Baroque Renaissance Revival building….”

We had the privilege of serving one of the 6th floor apartment owners in their quest to replace the 1980s kitchen renovation with period appropriate cabinetry.

The cabinets are our traditional style flush inset face frame cabinets with exposed barrel hinges.  The drawer boxes are all dovetailed maple, but unlike 100 year old cabinetry, these have concealed, full extension, soft-closing slides.

Flush inset cabinetry is making a come-back in the New York kitchen design trends, exactly what Wesley Ellen has been specializing in for over ten years!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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custom inset cabinets

Custom Inset Cabinets – Adam & Cheryl’s Heritage Home White Kitchen

Adam and Cheryl wanted their West Vancouver heritage home to have a modern kitchen but with period appropriate cabinets.  They also wanted to incorporate a favorite antique china hutch they already had.

They chose a white apron front sink and square inset face frame cabinets.

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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vintage kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – Rasha’s Vintage Kitchen

“When I bought my 100 years old house in Kits, I knew that the misfit 70’s kitchen must eventually go as it had nothing to do with the style of this beautiful craftsman home.  As an interior stylist with an eye for details, there was nothing out there that will fit either the style nor my expectations.

I came across Wesley Ellen’s  work and after a short conversation with Ron, I knew that I found my cabinet builder.

At the first visit, Ron immediately understood the style of kitchen that I was after as well as one that matches the craftsman style house. I had an initial design that he worked with me to fine tune.

Moreover, Ron was very knowledgeable about kitchen storage solutions which helped a great deal to optimize the usage of space inside the kitchen cabinets, so the kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

The communication about cost, plans and changes were clear at every stage & throughout the project.  

In addition, Ron was extremely attentive to details and was flexible to make changes at a later phase in the project, which sometimes comes up when working with a house that age. He has also collaborated with my contractor easily with very little intervention from my side. Overall, it was very smooth throughout and the kitchen is nothing but a piece of art, inside out!”

Rasha G., Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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traditional kitchen cabinets

Custom Inset Cabinets – Ken & Carol’s Country Estate Kitchen

“We would highly recommend Wesley Ellen to anyone looking for cabinetry with sophistication and elegance.  The decision of which supplier to hire for kitchen cabinets and millwork is one of the most important in the building of a custom home. 

The requirements are style, practicality, durability, and exceptional finish. All these were met with a very high standard and knowledge by Wesley Ellen.

Ron Isaak is an exceptional planner & designer. He is meticulous with details and makes every effort to exceed your standard.

Ron was very dedicated to our project and time-lines were always met. Any issue was dealt with in a calm and professional manner.”

K & C, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

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white shaker kitchen cabinets

Karen’s White Shaker Kitchen

“I am convinced that my happiness with the outcomes is due to great design and great work.

Clueless homeowners only get 1 crack at it and there are so many ways to do it wrong….

….thank you for gently handling all my questions and changes and for the amazing advice!”

Karen R – Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Karen’s white shaker kitchen is a hybrid design; the upper cabinets are square inset face frame cabinets and the base cabinets are frame-less cabinets with built-up end panels.

One of the things she likes most about her kitchen is the new coffee/wine service center tucked in-between walls between the kitchen and the living room.

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beaded inset kitchen cabinets

Custom Inset Cabinets  – Lana’s Beaded Inset Kitchen

This great room style West Vancouver kitchen has plenty of room to work and play for this family with four young boys and a big dog!

Look for the concealed integrated appliances, and you’ll have to look twice!

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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art deco kitchen

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Dolores’ Fabulous Art Deco Inspired Kitchen

Dolores’ art deco kitchen was so fun to create together with her.

It was inspired in part by a vintage art deco hutch which Dolores still uses today.

When Dolores first contacted us, she was having trouble finding a cabinetmaker whom she trusted to build the concave and convex cabinets she was going to need for this horseshoe shaped kitchen.  Thank you AutoCAD for helping us get all the radius correct at our first kick at the can.

This remarkable kitchen is not only beautiful, but it is also very functional for this family of 6 children!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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custom beaded inset cabinets

Point Grey Custom Kitchen

Point Grey has some of the finest homes in Vancouver, British Columbia. It stands to reason that kitchens in this area would also be among the finest.

Jas and Seema’s kitchen certainly is one of those.

When they renovated, they wanted the entire space to feel lighter than their previous kitchen.  They wanted an elegant look and they wanted quality cabinets.

They chose beaded inset face frame cabinets with custom molding on the doors and drawer-fronts and beaded polished nickel knobs and cup pulls.

Paint color is Benjamin Moore ‘Simply White‘.

A classic white kitchen with beaded inset cabinets painted soft white.

Point Grey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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log home kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – Tom & So Lin’s Log Home Kitchen

“When we first started investigating the possibilities of overhauling a log home that was badly in need of renovating and updating my wife and I, mainly through her interest in the culinary arts, decided that the center point of the renovation would be to expand and renovate completely the kitchen.

We initially looked via the Internet at various companies that were in the kitchen renovation business most of whom were your run of the mill design companies that were more than satisfactory but did not stand out.  After a brief conversation with the log home designer he handed us a business card for Wesley Ellen and our fate was sealed.

We found Ron Isaak business like, professional and approachable with a keen eye for what was required and what appeared to be a superior product.

Initially we thought the product, although worth the value, was a bit more than we wanted to spend as like everyone we did have a ball park budget. Fortunately our confidence in the value of the product was correct.

There was no question that Ron Isaak’s product was superb. The detail and the workmanship could be as close to a work of art as one could apply to describing cabinetry. He was a stickler for detail and expertly resolved any issues that always crop up when dealing with home renovation of any sort. I cannot recommend Wesley Ellen and Ron Isaak highly enough and would defy anyone to find a better product on the market.”

Tom and So Lin Randall, Mission British Columbia, Canada

Tom and So Lin’s log home kitchen features beaded inset cabinets in vertical grain Douglas fir.

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elegant kitchen

Elegant Kitchen in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy District

An elegant kitchen with classic detailing; beaded inset cabinets, polished nickel knobs & pulls, matching exposed polished nickel hinges, a large crown to the ceiling and integrated appliances.

Look for the built-in SubZero fridge on the far left and the built-in SubZero freezer on the adjacent wall on the right.  Each has integrated cabinet door panels.  There are two sets of Fischer Paykel dishwasher drawers in the island

A matching butler’s pantry leads to the dining room.

Shaughnessy, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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shaker style kitchen

Custom Inset Cabinets – Jason & Liz’s Shaker Style Kitchen

An authentic looking shaker style kitchen was at the top of the list for Jason and Liz’s ‘nearly 100 year old’ heritage home renovation in North Vancouver, BC.

The face frame cabinets are square inset, have extra wide 2-1/2″ stiles and rails with legs extending to the floor with the toe-kicks open to the floor right to the wall.

The appliances are modern; a four foot wide commercial Subzero fridge, a built in Meile coffee maker, a stainless steel apron front sink in the island and a Wolf gas range.

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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modern shaker kitchen

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Gloria’s Modern Shaker Kitchen

Gloria’s modern shaker kitchen is a mix of cabinet construction styles and finishes.  The perimeter cabinets are contemporary frame-less cabinets with white painted shaker style doors.  One exception is the face frame counter-top cabinet above the dishwasher.

The island is a modern version a face frame cabinet with stained white oak frames, flat slab drawer fronts and a tall bar behind.

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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