face frame cabinets

Face Frame Cabinets

Custom face frame cabinets have a furniture-like appearance that will set your home apart from the ordinary.

All of our face frame cabinets are flush-inset, meaning that all of the doors and drawer-fronts are inset into a frame so that their faces are flush with the front of the frames.

Often, face framed cabinets have a traditional or classic  look to them but they can also have a very modern sleek look.

We offer both ‘square-inset’ and ‘beaded-inset’ face frame cabinets.  A square inset frame has simple square edges on all edges, and a beaded inset face frame has a 1/4″ bead detail around each door and drawer opening.  See beaded inset cabinets here.

Click on any of the images below to take you to slideshows of our  projects from the west coast in Victoria, British Columbia to the east coast in Annapolis, Maryland.

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Click on any image below to take you to a slideshow of that project.