Project Description

Traditional Old English Library

Aaron’s traditional old English library is a two-story library complete with spiral stair case, cat-walk and open to the vaulted ceiling above.

As the builder of this exceptional home, Touchstone Homes of Lethbridge, Alberta, describe this home on their websiteThe inspiration for this home was a love for the character of rural English homes in the 18th century. The design of the home pursues to capture the beauty of inheritance, the growth of a home generation after generation. The character that additions to the home would have brought over the years and the long lasting heritage of stone and oak all work together to cherish a time gone by. Custom spiral staircases, furniture, mouldings, and flooring were all made out of white oak, a material commonly used in the period.

Made from stained white oak, the cabinets and open shelving are beaded inset face frame.

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