Project Description

Mahogany Poolside Cabinets

“As a custom residential builder, quality is one of our top priorities. 

We were very pleased with your quality….as well as timeliness and creative problem solving.

We found you to have an ‘old-fashioned’ professionalism that seems to be rapidly disappearing in our modern world.

Thank you for all your help.”


Because of a tight timeline on this project, the creative problem solving we needed to do was in finding a way to allow them to complete the tile work around the cabinets before we installed the cabinets.

The solution was to provide a mahogany frame that was installed before tile and before our cabinets.

If you look carefully, you will see that the cabinets have a double frame.  Thanks to an excellent on-site carpenter everything went down just great!

These photos were taken at the time we installed the mahogany cabinets at a West Vancouver residence in the pool area.

My apologies for the low quality images and the ‘blue tape’ door and drawer-pulls.

This part of the project included a small mahogany vanity, a long low storage cabinet with doors and drawers, lockers (not shown) and a poolside bar counter with sink.