Project Description

Tom & So Lin’s Log Home Kitchen

A log home kitchen in a mountain retreat.

“When we first started investigating the possibilities of overhauling a log home that was badly in need of renovating and updating my wife and I, mainly through her interest in the culinary arts, decided that the center point of the renovation would be to expand and renovate completely the kitchen.

We initially looked via the Internet at various companies that were in the kitchen renovation business most of whom were your run of the mill design companies that were more than satisfactory but did not stand out.  After a brief conversation with the log home designer he handed us a business card for Wesley Ellen and our fate was sealed.

We found Ron Isaak business like, professional and approachable with a keen eye for what was required and what appeared to be a superior product.

Initially we thought the product, although worth the value, was a bit more than we wanted to spend as like everyone we did have a ball park budget. Fortunately our confidence in the value of the product was correct.

There was no question that Ron Isaak’s product was superb. The detail and the workmanship could be as close to a work of art as one could apply to describing cabinetry. He was a stickler for detail and expertly resolved any issues that always crop up when dealing with home renovation of any sort. I cannot recommend Wesley Ellen and Ron Isaak highly enough and would defy anyone to find a better product on the market.”

Tom and So Lin Randall, Mission BC

Tom and So Lin’s log home kitchen features beaded inset cabinets in vertical grain Douglas fir.

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