we create custom reclaimed wood floors

If you clicked through our galleries, you've probably noticed that there are quite a few projects where a reclaimed wood floor was chosen.

reclaimed wood floors

Sometimes we are asked if a reclaimed wood floor will be rough, will my socks catch on slivers of wood?  The answer is no, at least not if it is a Wesley Ellen reclaimed wood floor.  The reason is that we hand-sand and finish our floors to a 400 grit finish and then we apply four coats of water-based finish that leaves the floor with a wonderful smooth finish.

Wesley Ellen reclaimed wood floors are available pre-finished with or without a tongue & groove and after a period of acclimatizing to your home, are ready to install.

Available with original circular saw-marks or without, light or dark patinas; random widths or consistent widths.

Would you like to see a reclaimed wood floor in person?  You're welcome to come by our showroom/home to do just that. Please call in advance to arrange a suitable time. 1.888.309.0616

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