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What the homeowners had to say:

"We would highly recommend Wesley Ellen to anyone looking for cabinetry with sophistication and elegance.

The decision of which supplier to hire for kitchen cabinets and millwork is one of the most important in the building of a custom home.

The requirements are style, practicality, durability, and exceptional finish.  All these were met with a very high standard and knowledge by Wesley Ellen.

Ron Isaak is an exceptional planner & designer. He is meticulous with details and makes every effort to exceed your standard.

Ron was very dedicated to our project and time-lines were always met. Any issue was dealt with in a calm and professional manner.  Installers were polite & careful."

K & C
Chilliwack, British Columbia


Recently we had several wonderful comments made about our cabinetry; several designers commented that our cabinetry was every bit as good as Christopher Peacock Cabinetry.  Since we think Christopher Peacock Cabinetry have done some pretty wonderful design work, we'll take that as a compliment. More on Christopher Peacock here.

Many of the comments made below, were made prior to our name change from Retroline Cabinet Company to Wesley Ellen Design & Millwork in August 2010.

"With over thirty years in the kitchen design profession, I am always looking for the right products to recommend to my clients.
Recently, I was introduced to Retroline Cabinetry in a research tour of their British Columbia workshop. I was greatly impressed by the quality of materials, attention to details and the meticulous fit and finish of their classic cabinetry designs. I think anyone looking for honest and elegant true framed inset cabinetry should ask their designer to get a quote from Retroline."

-Marshall Dobry
Bellingham, WA

"...as close to a work of art as one could apply to describing cabinetry."

" When we first started investigating the possibilities of overhauling a log home that was badly in need of renovating and updating my wife and I, mainly through her interest in the culinary arts, decided that the center point of the renovation would be to expand and renovate completely the kitchen.  We sought out a log home specialist and he brought with  him a designer who was skilled in planning and building log homes as well as renovating and adding to similar structures.  Once the basic concept was in place the hard part started as to who would be best to create an acceptable design and finished product for the cabinetry not only for the kitchen but also the bathroom, powder room , wine fridge and wine rack and desk for the study.  We initially looked via the Internet at various companies that were in the kitchen renovation business most of whom were your run of the mill design companies that were more than satisfactory but did not stand out.  After a brief conversation with the log home designer he handed us a business card for Retroline Cabinets and our fate was sealed.  Our only contact with the company, who I believe is also the primary management, was Ron Isaak.  We found him business like, professional and approachable with a keen eye for what was required and what appeared to be a superior product.  Initially we thought the product, although worth the value, was a bit more than we wanted to spend as like everyone we did have a ball park budget.  Fortunately our confidence in the value of the product was correct.  There was no question that Ron Isaak's product was superb.  The detail and the workmanship could be as close to a work of art as one could apply to describing cabinetry.  He was a stickler for detail and expertly resolved any issues that always crop up when dealing with home renovation of any sort.  I cannot recommend Retroline and Ron Isaak highly enough and would defy anyone to find a better product on the market."

Tom and So Lin Randall, Mission BC

"The wall unit you have created for us is stunning & I am so pleased with the details you have added.  With such a linear & sleek design if the craftsmanship had not been of the high quality you have provided the finished product could have been very disappointing.  Instead we have something that we can admire every time we are in our living room & can enjoy for many years to come.  Thank you for adding to the beauty of our home."
- Desiree

“We had our kitchen cabinets designed and made by Ron Isaak’s Retroline Cabinet Company. Our experience with Retroline from conceptualization to completion was exceptional. Ron went out of his way to ensure the design met our needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and collaborative in his approach. The craftsmanship is exceptional. We were so impressed with Ron’s professionalism and craftsmanship that he also designed and built a vanity for our main bathroom. This piece resembles a free standing piece of furniture and again is of high quality.
Friends that have seen the cabinets in the kitchen have been as impressed with the work as we have been. We would not hesitate to recommend Retroline and Ron Isaak, he brings exceptional skill and expertise to his work and the result for us are beautiful cabinets which are the centre piece of the kitchen and a vanity that makes you wish it wasn’t tucked away in a bathroom.
” Janet C and Gary K

“…your work is phenomenal. I will most definitely keep you in mind for our future projects.”

“Here's the last cheque for the cabinets. Thanks so much for your hard work! We're just thrilled with everything and tell anyone who asks about your company. We'll be in touch when we're ready for the rest of the kitchen. Thanks again.”
K. M.

“I read on your website about your career. Great information that you shared. That is the part of design that I love. The care and craftsmanship that reflect the passion for what you do. You build not only custom cabinets but relationships.” M.C.

“Thankfully our contractor recommended Ron from Retroline Cabinet Company when we recently renovated two bathrooms. Ron’s work was outstanding; we were impressed with both the quality of the product and workmanship and the timeliness of the installation – everything went smoothly and according to schedule.
We had an issue where our designer had made a mistake with regard to lighting; thankfully Ron noticed it and modified the cabinet accordingly. Where others would have just installed it as per the original drawings, Ron was quick to point things out and offer workable suggestions/solutions. The cosmetic pantry that he designed for me is amazing; and we have received numerous compliments on the quality and design.
We have had other dealings with another local cabinet company, and unfortunately it did not go as smoothly. I think where Ron really differs from most is that there is no middle-man, he is “the guy” and he deals with everything in a timely and efficient manner without passing the buck and pointing the finger at someone else.
In the words of my husband “Ron over delivered”; we are 110% happy to recommend him. We confidently passed on his name to friends who are in the building process and would without a doubt contact him again for our next project.”
Elizabeth E. – Vancouver

“Retroline Cabinets helped us out quite a few times at our previous project in West Vancouver. As a custom residential builder, quality is one of our top priorities. We were very pleased with Retroline's quality, as well as their timeliness and creative problem solving. We found Retroline to have an “old-fashioned” professionalism that seems to be rapidly disappearing in our modern world.” Kia Rich - Bakken Construction

“We started with Ron when he was just getting his business going, he was just getting his drawing system organized yet where other company’s had more sophisticated software that was stunning on first impression, (on paper) their finished product was not so impressive as the quality Retroline cabinets came through with.
I found Retroline to be the business that was the easiest to work with and took the most pride in their work. In the final inspection, I had a very hard time finding flaws unlike our other kitchens, which had obvious flaws and damage and the companies were painful to deal with to finally receive an acceptable product. We had a company that we had to tear their cabinets out and hire a new company they were so bad.
Any changes that were needed, Ron took care of so quickly I was very impressed. Retroline, unlike other companies, came in on budget and we were made aware ahead of time if any changes we made were going to change the cost.
We have learned the hard way that just looking at the price is not a way to save money. It has cost us not just money but time on other projects that had specific deadlines by just looking at the lowest bidder.
The cabinet’s Retroline builds are not going to cost you the least amount of money, you will however get the best product for a reasonable cost, with excellent service and a product that will stand up to being used, and look wonderful.
” A.C.


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