We make custom pipe frame tables and desks using alternate tops: reclaimed wood, Baltic birch plywood, solid laminated beech, maple, alder, oak, to name a few optional wood species.

The 24 inch wide table-top above was one of two matching doors made from reclaimed hemlock barn-boards.  The same style frame, with a smoother top, can be used to make a great desk or workstation.

Smooth sturdy 1-1/2

A few things to know about pipe frame frame tables and desks

When referring to diameter dimensions of industrial black pipe, the dimension always refers to the inside diameter.  For example: the frame above is made from 1-1/4" black pipe; the inside diameter is 1-1/4" and the outside diameter is approx 1-5/8 inches.

Our standard finish is shown in the first photo below.  It still has the worn black coloring on the longer straight pipes and the connector fittings and floor flanges have their original dark grey finish. All have had the oils cleaned off and have had a 'furniture polish' finish applied.

Read more about our Sitka Spruce table story here.

We still have a few tables like this for sale;  they have 42 inch wide tops; some are 72 inches long and some are 84 inches long.  Please call for more information: 1.888.309.0616

pipe table

Pipe frames can also be used to create unique kitchen or workplace islands like the one below, with open slat shelving at the bottom.


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