flush-inset face-framed cabinets

traditional inset kitchen cabinets

Browse through our galleries and you will quickly see that most of our featured projects are face-framed, flush-inset cabinet designs; this has been our specialty right from our start in 2006.

Flush-inset cabinets can be designed to look traditional or contemporary, casual or formal, country or classic.

Our 'Cottage Collection Series' has a relaxed casual feel.  To have a       FREE PDF catalog of the Cottage Collection emailed to you, please sign up here.

You may also want to visit our 'Contemporary Inset Cabinets' board at Pinterest.

What are inset cabinets?

A framed inset cabinet, also called a 'flush inset face-framed cabinet' has doors and drawer fronts that are inset into the frames and the face of the doors are flush with the face of the frames.

Although this is a traditional method of building cabinets, it can work equally well with traditional, transitional and even contemporary furniture cabinet styles.

By changing materials, molding details and finishes, we can recreate custom period appropriate cabinets for Victorian, Craftsman, Shaker, Early Canadian, Early American, French Country, Old World, Farmhouse or sleek contemporary pieces; any cabinet style where face framed cabinets with inset doors are featured.

We offer three different styles of cabinet frames, all are 'flush inset'; the first is a square inset, the second is a full beaded inset and the third is a hybrid of the first two - a half beaded inset face frame.

Square inset and  beaded inset cabinets

In the examples above, please notice the difference between the frames around the doors - not the doors themselves. We can place any door style within these three different frame styles.

The example at the top is a square inset face-framed cabinet, meaning that the inside edges of the frame, which the door fits into, has square - 90 degree, edges.

The middle example is a full beaded inset face-frame cabinet, meaning that the inside edges of the frame, which the door fits into, has a 1/4" wide, rounded bead along all of the edges.

The third is a hybrid where we have used a bead only on the horizontal rails, for now we call it the half-beaded inset.

Most Canadian cabinet makers stay away from this kind of detail because it is too time consuming and requires a level of craftsmanship not available among their staff.

At Wesley Ellen, we love these details and have chosen to make this our specialty. With the right people and the right shop tooling to do the work accurately and efficiently, we are now able to offer Canadians what previously was out of reach.

Inset Cabinet Photos

On this page you will see examples of our work in both beaded inset cabinet style and square inset cabinet style.

To see more photos from each of these specific projects, simply click on the photos.

beaded inset kitchen cabinet island

beaded inset cabinet style

Square inset cabinets are the simpler version, with the doors and drawer-fronts inset into square-edged openings.

square inset cabinet style

square inset cabinet style

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